[review] The Greatest Showman

Went to the cinema to see this with a friend a week back. I had heard the soundtrack before but couldn't get much out of it, I didn't really know what this movie was about but I heard such good reviews I had to see it.
Well anyway it was awesome!

[CAUTION: spoilers ahead!]

So I loved all the songs but obviously I had a few favorite scenes / songs.

I loved the beginning when The Greatest Show is presented and you see all the success before you just realise it's just a young boy dreaming for now...  And of course where Barnum and Charity visit this old house. It was fantastic as beginning, seeing him still dreaming and she supporting him. I was very happy to see, that he finally had THE idea for starting a business and even tho he cheated on the bank, he got successful. My first "love it" moment was the song Come Alive. Fantastic text, beautiful scene...

Seeing him trying to please high society hurt me somehow... He tried so hard to be accepted by the rich guys, mostly for his daughters and wife but also for himself. Finally being there wasn't enough tho and it hurt to see him fall again.

But first to another one of my favs. The scene between him and Phillip Carlyle in the bar where they are singing Other Side. aaaaaahhhhh....  It's brilliant and I can't get this song out of my head for a week now.

Anyway Philip is also my fav character tbh. He's from the upper class but he cares so much for the circus people. Not only for Anne, he has a crush on but for the others. He stood beside them in the theater when Jenny Lind sang, Barnes didn't. He wen't out with Anne and stood up for her when his father insulted her. He became one of them! He loved the Circus life. Great character development tbh.

Jenny Lind's song  Never Enough was beautiful, but I didn't rlly liked her character in the story. She was too much "heart eyes" on Barnes... And I was happy he didn't kissed her or anything (except that one time on the stage) and went straight home.

So my all time favorite, the most motivating song of the whole soundtrack. The song that makes you believe in yourself: This Is Me. Strong text, strong character presentation, pure motivation and soo beautiful. I cried at the cinema. Still in my playlist and on repeat.

Rewrite the Stars is a wonderful love song for a very amazing choreographed scene. I ship Anne and Philip so much and I was so happy that - despite their background and differences - they got a happy end.

Charity... Unique character in some ways and pretty underrated with not enough screen time in my opinion. Her sad song Tightrope was so beautiful, especially her dancing choreography. I loved all of them tbh.
As I said she's a bit underrated. Despite her being rich she left with the boy she loved, never was unhappy and ungrateful and always supported Barnum in his life / career.

Well the end... I really was sad when the theater burned down and when they got such hate from the civilians. They didn't deserve this.
I was shocked when Philip just ran into the fire to find Anne and for a second I thought he wouldn't make it - thankfully Barnum got him out.

From Now On is such a brilliant ending. I love the slow beginning. It's full of hopelessness and sadness and turned out to be a song full of hope and a new beginning with the reminder that some things were important. I loved it and yes I cried again.

I was sad when the theater burned down but also happy that Philip had "known with whom he worked" and put his 10% away so he could help and they could start again.

Brilliant ending and a brilliant movie. Fantastic cast, especially Hugh Jackman...
I already adored him in Les Miserables but The Gratest Showman was something different and so much more. I also loved Zac Efron. I never would have thought it, but I kinda liked him in his last movies, he really is doing good and if we see more of him like that I sure as hell will watch it.

I've always been a sucker for the truth in a movie and this truth was kinda great. I liked the story. The choreography, the songs, the costumes all of it was wonderful. Magical and I can't wait to see it again soon when the DVD will be out.
If you haven't watched it and love musical films, go watch it, because it sure was one of the best we saw in the last years.

Oh and one last thing. When I was at the cinema, there weren't many ppl bc it was too early, there arrived 4 younger girls very late and then they wouldn't stop talking so the elderly lady beside them asked what was going on and one of them said, that she didn't knew this was the English version of the movie and that they don't understand much. It was quite hilarious at the time :D

So I hope you enjoyed this review. Have you seen it already? What was your opinion on the movie?