Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year 2019!

I'm quite looking forward to the new year. 2018 wasn't a bad year for me, it was quite good and successful, but I intent to make 2019 even better.

2018 was - as I mentioned - a good year. Stressful and full of work but good. I finished my training as freight forwarding agent in summer with quite a good score after months of studying and working. It was a very busy time but I also enjoyed it. I started a  job with a permanent working contract in the company that trained me. I helped out in a few departments and sadly I'm stuck in one I don't like at all at the moment. But I hope I can leave soon, so I keep going.  I intent to stop being stressed and work this much. I often did 10h a day and it was simple too much after a while. My resolution for work next year is to be good at my job, working for a promotion, get back into my old department and ignoring everybody's shit.

I signed a second working contract for a few hours of work on Saturday in …

It's good to be back!

Hello guys!

It's been a while since my last post. Sadly my laptop died and I just got it back yesterday.
Edit: This was the beginning of the post when it died again!!! aaahhhh.... But now after a while it's back again and (for now) functioning.

Well how are things?
Good, definitely good...

Finished my oral exam on the 5th July and are working as a fully trained freight forwarder since the 6th. I've lots of work and it does not get less. But that's a good thing in some ways, right? We had a few calm days lately but I'm already bored. *giggles* I can't stand when I've nothing to do.
Won't have a big time off until October so I'm enjoying every weekend to the fullest or try to.

Was at the Sting & Shaggy concert on Friday 13.07. and it was absolutely brilliant!
There where so many wonderful classics from the both of them and some songs from their new album 44/876. If you wanna see a thread of pics and videos from this concert, click here.

Was out wi…

[review] Black Panther

Sooo.... Another Wednesday at the cinema with a friend. Hihi no I'm not addicted, just a normal fan who wanted to see this movie.

So pretty excited after all the hype on my Twitter TL I asked a friend to come with me and soon it was time for THE movie.

I loved the beginning! It brilliantly made and the story of Wakanda is just beautiful. I'm just not quite sure who tells the story to the child.
Is it T'Challa to his son or his father to him? I never get it... If you've an answer feel free to comment below. I wanna solve this mystery.
Anyway.... Yeah the beginning and the soundtrack gave me goosebumps. African influence, combined with modern beats when we have the songs by Kendrick Lamar & Co. - awesome. The flashback to 1992 was good too. Interesting and not giving away too much for the rest of the story so it was still a shock for me to find out who the boy was, playing basketball.
The timeline quite makes me a bit struggle. All this happend after "Civil War…

Life goes on...

Hello guys!

I'm sorry I was away for so long but I simply had lots to do and work is kinda stressful atm and then I had no inspiration/ motivation to write a blog post. I'm sorry.

Well, exams are done, I've my results and now I'm preparing for my oral exam in about a month.
As I said work is kinda stressful atm because of all the official holidays we had this month. I work half time in another department and half in my own. I sometimes feel like I have to clone myself to get all the work done. I hope it'll be better in the upcoming week but I doubt it. Probably have to work on TUE (another official holiday here) too... Alone. And I'm worried that there will be some crap I have no clue how to handle. But well we'll see about that very soon....

Everything else here is fine, it's getting summer and very warm some days. It's beautiful but I prefer the rain due to my hay fever. My back is killing me again and I'm just working on pain killers right no…


Hello guys,

I know it's been a while since I last posted here but I've simply been so busy.
And when I was not, I wrote a bit on one of my fanfiction to relax.

24./25. April. The crucial dates for my 3 final exams I have to write...
Our school/trainee-system here in Germany is quite complex so short version: working in the job is just not enough and we have had school during the last 3 years as well. To be fully trained, we've 3 tests in our main subjects (logistics/freight forwarding/marketing, politics/sociology and accounting/ controlling) 3 tests in 2 days and then 2 months later an oral exam. I've been studying very hard for this with a friend and took this week and next week off to study some more.

As wasn't as productive as I thought I'd be but I'm good in time. I'm studying with a colleague from school most of the time. We're nearly finished with all the stuff to rehearse and now we're often do old exams to test ourselves.
I'm getting …

[review] Fifty Shades Freed

“I want your world to begin and end with me.”
― E.L. James, Fifty Shades Freed
Back with another movie review. This time Fifty Shades Freed.

I know some of you don't like the books/movies at all and I understand that in some ways. Nonetheless I do like them. Very much in fact so I don't really care about all the haters right know. I mean it's everybody's choice what they like and don't like so it's all fine after all.

Anyway, I was looking forward after all the trailer and critic on my Twitter TL and on my usual cinema Wednesday (I call it that because our local cinema at my hometown shows movies in English every WED) I headed there to see it with a friend.

We just made it in time and when we entered the cinema hall there were just a bunch of girls so my friend was the only guy there, it was quite funny because I think they all thought we were a couple.
First funny thing of this evening was, that the girl behind us asked if we were voluntarily going to see th…

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is recognized as a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and romantic love in many regions around the world, although it is not a public holiday in any country.
Yup that's the official explanation from the English Wikipedia page....
Just let it sink in....
I think you know what I want to say, don't you?

Yes! The word commercial is in this sentence... And every year I ask myself: Why is everyone making such a fuss about this? Why can't you say the same on the 12th January or 25th June? Why only at this year?

People buy flowers and chocolate, go and have dinner and buy cards and stuff but why? I mean if you really truly love someone, you can buy them flowers on their Birthday or any other day of the year just to make them happy and tell them you love him/her, don't you? EVERY OTHER DAY OF THE YEAR! So please explain to me - if you celebrate Valentines Day - why this day? I truly don't get it... It is a mystery to m…

Writing - Plan, Structure, Recipe

“You can always edit a bad page. You can't edit a blank page.”
― Jodi Picoult
While writing I had the idea of creating a blog post about this exact theme.
You know I think some people might ask themselves how to write best. I did too when I started a few years ago... Was there a recipe? A plan? A structure? For some, maybe. For me there really isn't. I just do it. 
Most of the time I truly say "I write now", it doesn't fully work. Then there are those moment's when you can't save yourself from ideas and scenes that pop into your head.  Where I always have ideas is, when I take a long hot shower or bath and think about my stories or possible scenes that could happen with some characters. Most of my Sherlock fanfiction happend like this to be honest. And they are rather good - yes I know I haven't published something yet but oh well...

What I wanted to say is, that you have to do it after your own concept. There's no book titled "How To Write&qu…

[book-review] Robert Galbraith - The Silkworm

“...writers are a savage breed, Mr. Strike. If you want life-long friendship and selfless camaraderie, join the army and learn to kill. If you want a lifetime of temporary alliances with peers who will glory in your every failure, write novels.”
― Robert Galbraith, The Silkworm

 Time to review book #2 of the Strike Series. Also since Career of Evil will be out in a few weeks on BBC One.

I hope you guys got a taste of Strike in my first review and maybe some of you started reading. 😊

There won't be lot's of thoughts on the main characters this time because we already had that so I'll start with the plot of the book...
Because of the Lula Landry case in The Cuckoo's Calling, Strike got very popular as private investigator and had quite a few cases during the beginning of the book. Mostly cases like "is my partner cheating?", quite boring to be honest. A "friend" of his, Cullpepper, and journalist, sometimes has some cases for him too. But one morning…

[book-review] Robert Galbraith - The Cuckoo's Calling

“Strike was used to playing archaeologist among the ruins of people’s traumatised memories;”
― Robert Galbraith, The Cuckoo's Calling

Many of you may have heard of this book/ series by now. The story of owning/reading this book is kinda funny in some ways... I had ordered The Cuckoo's Calling ages ago, a few weeks after it got published. Mostly because of the story, I didn't even knew by the time that actually Robert Galbraith was a synonym for J.K.Rowling. So I ordered it and put it in my shelf. I was very bad at reading all this stuf in English. I was slow and had to look up so many words so I put it away every time I wanted to start it again and forgot it somehow. I moved and put it - once more - in my shelf. By the time I was addicted to English. I only read and watched English things and I got quite good at the language, at least way better than all those years ago with my school Englisch. Anyway... Then I heard - via Twitter - that there would be a TV Show. I saw tha…