[review] Fifty Shades Freed

“I want your world to begin and end with me.”
― E.L. James, Fifty Shades Freed
Back with another movie review. This time Fifty Shades Freed.

I know some of you don't like the books/movies at all and I understand that in some ways. Nonetheless I do like them. Very much in fact so I don't really care about all the haters right know. I mean it's everybody's choice what they like and don't like so it's all fine after all.

Anyway, I was looking forward after all the trailer and critic on my Twitter TL and on my usual cinema Wednesday (I call it that because our local cinema at my hometown shows movies in English every WED) I headed there to see it with a friend.

We just made it in time and when we entered the cinema hall there were just a bunch of girls so my friend was the only guy there, it was quite funny because I think they all thought we were a couple.

First funny thing of this evening was, that the girl behind us asked if we were voluntarily going to see the original English version, she herself was shocked because she thought it was the German version. I said we did and we both laughed at her shocked face. Well after the usual adverts and trailer (Mama Mia 2 trailer was sooo great!) the movie started... BUT IN GERMAN!!!! Everyone was happy except me, I hate the synchronization of Jamie's and Dakota's voice. Well... I waited patiently but they didn't change it! Suddenly the movie just stopped and all was dark. Then it started again and in English. *smiles* 
“I think you can only be truly mad at someone you really love.”
― E.L. James, Fifty Shades Freed

So from here on there'll be spoilers so if you haven't watched it just stop (except you have read the book)...

What I didn't liked about the movie was the fact that it was too short in my opinion. The wedding scene passed too quick. I hoped that it would be a bit bigger and longer and more detailed when you compare the things they did for filming.. but oh well. I hope that there will be more in the Uncut Version. I loved Ana's dress, it's so stunning. I loved all the different scenes from the honeymoon but way too short again and sadly we saw so much of it already in the trailers, quite disappointing to be honest. But nonetheless I loved the concept behind it. Shooting small scenes and pair them to a bigger picture until the yacht/beach scene. Sadly you couldn't see Christian heading back from the water either but we already knew that, didn't we. Jamie told us so himself in an interview.
Ana's outfits were all stunning, gosh I truly envy her for her body and the clothes... and man obviously.

I enjoyed seeing how the story was approaching and how much of the story they packed in these 106 minutes of film. So I loved these domestic scenes and seeing them so happy, they perfectly made it like in the book. What I did miss a bit in the movie was angry Christian but more to that later.

I missed the scene with Ray and Ana's birthday tho. I think it would have been a nice touch... Christian presenting her the house, he was so anxious and it was great to see that his character had developed so much to a sweet and loving husband. Gia... Well I never liked her but Movie-Gia was very funny, especially when Ana told her how things are. I sat there and was like "You tell her girl!", loved this scene so much.

The R8... Amazing car! Ana was so happy when he let her drive it. "If you can handle her [Gia] you can handle this."; fav line! *giggles* The chasing scene was brilliant, loved it and well yes.. car sex. My comment on this to my friend: "Didn't know there was so much space in an R8." *giggles even more* From car sex back to some domestic stuf and a business trip for Christian while Ana is nearly kidnapped by Hyde but saved by hot bodyguard Sawyer! Oh dear... I liked that they put this scene in, it's way more thrilling this way than in the book. Great addition. 

Aspen... Great too especially that they put Jamie singing in in (I adore this song it so romantic!) and that they included the "Vanilla-scene"... Hot! Well "there's nothing boring about vanilla". *winks* 
The proposing of Elliot was cute and Kate looked so happy, I truly loved them too in the books but in the movies they're even cuter (they needed more screen time!) What I missed was the dancing scene where Ana get's touched by another bloke and Christian kick's his ass. I missed that a bit. I mean I like Christian in the movies but I missed his angry side a bit. The scene in the red room where he "tortures' here with pleasure" was good too but he was way too calm there either. It's not that I like him shouting at her, never did, but it's part of his character and his development.

Oh yes because we talk about that... I truly missed that they didn't put the "expensive charlatan" in the movies and their appointments with him. It would have been a nice touch too to see more of Christians problems and his development. Yes I wanted Flynn... Sadly we never got him. 

Ana being in court and finding out about Hyde's bail was great... She was so shocked and then the scene where he finds out about "little blip".. Nicely done. 
Dinner with Christian and his reaction to her revelation about the baby... I was so hoping that we would see the fight but - here too - he was way too calm and in my opinion only the text from Mrs. Robinson didn't explained why she was so angry. Yes he left and got drunk with Elena but there had to be more... 
So I loved how Ana reacted tho and talked to blip and tried not to freak out and solve this situation. I loved how she kicked his ass in the morning. That's one of the reasons why I adore Ana's character. She's so strong and sassy and can fight. 

Climax... Ana escaping Sawyer was nice and I loved when he shouted her name instead called her Mrs Grey very formal. But I missed - once more - that they didn't showed the scene like in the book! I so waited for Christian to ask THE question on the phone. Seeing both of the break while he asks "Was it just for the money?" and saying "Take it for the baby." *squeals* My heart broke when I read this and I so wanted it to be in the movie!!! *cries*
On the other hand, having this clever Christian who know's exactly when something's wrong with his wife was wonderful too. So... normal. 
“And the baby?" The words are anguished, breathless.
"The baby's fine, Mr. Grey."
"Oh, thank God." The words are litany... a prayer, "Oh, thank God.”
― E.L. James, Fifty Shades Freed
Let's come to one of my favorite characters in the movie and books: Jack Hyde.
I liked how Eric portrayed him plus he really is hot. I also loved that you could see the scene when he sets fire in the Grey House Server Room and I loved that you could also see the scene where Ana is actually getting to know something about Christians work with this. Back to Hyde. I like him as villain and he is just great. A brilliant psychopath. 
I wanted to shout at him tho when he kicked Ana in the stomach at the end but this whole scene was brilliant. I'm not quite sure if he hurt her more in the book or not but it doesn't truly matter... I was just like I imagined it. Christian seeing his wife on the ground and hurrying to her and then the hospital scene where Mama Grey is there to comfort him and when he actually is crying and when he say's that he wants to do this together. I cried to be honest...
And we nearly are at the end again. Ana standing and looking at her husband playing the piano at night and remembering their finest moments... I loved that. It was a great re-cap but also... I don't know how to say it, it looked a bit cheap and not as good as the scene where she remembers their hot sex in the red room during work. This was good made but the memory-scene... *not sure*

What was special end tho was the scene with pregnant Ana in the garden of their beautiful house and a small Teddy running around followed by Christian as carrying and happy father. I hoped there would be such a scene and they didn't disappoint with it. Great end to a great love story! 

So.... At least I have to talk about the soundtrack of the movie. I listened to it for the last weeks before I could see the movie and loved it. The songs are good and got into my head easily. I'm completely addicted to it to be honest. There are favorite songs obviously but all in all a soundtrack you can listen to easily during other stuff plus - if you really want to - you can see the scenes from the movie in your head again when you really listend during the movie *grins* No as I said it's great again. Kinda sad that there wasn't a song from The Weeknd on it this time and some songs twice just in a different language, but nonetheless I like it. 

All in all it was a great movie and a nice ending for the trilogy. Loved it. Will it be my favorite of the 3 movies? Can't say yet.. Will have to watch it a few times with the others to make a choice but it definitely is better than the first movie in my opinion. *grins*

What did you think about Freed? Did you guys like it? And the soundtrack, do you like the soundtrack? Please tell me if you want, I'm quite curious.

But for now...
Laters guys *winks*