Writing - Plan, Structure, Recipe

“You can always edit a bad page. You can't edit a blank page.”
― Jodi Picoult

While writing I had the idea of creating a blog post about this exact theme.
You know I think some people might ask themselves how to write best. I did too when I started a few years ago... Was there a recipe? A plan? A structure? For some, maybe. For me there really isn't. I just do it. 

Most of the time I truly say "I write now", it doesn't fully work. Then there are those moment's when you can't save yourself from ideas and scenes that pop into your head. 
Where I always have ideas is, when I take a long hot shower or bath and think about my stories or possible scenes that could happen with some characters. Most of my Sherlock fanfiction happend like this to be honest. And they are rather good - yes I know I haven't published something yet but oh well...

What I wanted to say is, that you have to do it after your own concept. There's no book titled "How To Write", there is no one who can say how you have to do it, just do it.
Find out what inspires you and don't push yourself to hard. I did once and believe me, it didn't help at all for getting something on the paper.
Find things that make you happy, that you need during writing. Let me say it like that, it's like cravings while being pregnant. Sounds stupid but it's like it. When you need chocolate, get some. When you want a cuppa tea or a glass of wine, go on. When you need to research, do it and try your best to get the story done.

Also the time... I know it's hard while working a full time job and shifts including school and do what you love while being a grown up. I know you can't stop working and just write away... But I then - when an idea pops into my head - scribble a few lines of my idea down.
It can be a sentence you want to use, a place, or just a word that reminds you of what you wanted to do.
For example, mostly it looks like this when I do it:
M & R -> vacation? -> beach?
complications, villain? theft???

night out, R proposal???? 4 yrs together -> too soon 

Not much but enough to remind me of how my story is going to continue and write it in the evening when I finally have time.
I mostly do it in the evening or on the weekends. So don't stress yourself about writing it down once you had the idea. It's good if you can, but it's no problem if you don't.

Grammar. As you surely have realized by now, English is not my mother language ;)
Nonetheless I try to write all in English - except for "old" things I have started years ago - or translate it because so more people can read and appreciate it.
But it's not important in what language you write. In your mother tongue, in English or in a language you just learned. It's not important, just do it. Plus by writing in another language you can improve your vocabulary and skills, which is good too.

Rule One: You Must Write
Rule Two: Finish What Your Start
Rule Three: You Must Refrain From Rewriting, Except to Editorial Order 
Rule Four: You Must Put Your Story on the Market 
Rule Five: You Must Keep it on the Market until it has Sold”
― Robert A. Heinlein

I too have the problem, that I have lots of stories unfinished. Sometimes because they don't seem good enough to continue, sometimes because I forget about them and sometimes because I don't know how to continue. Last is the worst part for me. Blockades... A complete disaster when I land in these situations but I suppose that's one of the disadvantages when you write without planning the story before. Anyway... Finishing a story. As I said it's important but don't be mad if you don't. It happens to everyone I think that you have those you're very dedicated to and those you don't /can't / won't finish.

Re-writing a story... Gosh I do it most of the time because I'm not satisfied with the stuff I wrote. Bad habit of mine and sometimes changes the whole story itself. I always say "I won't do it with this story" and then I do and it sometimes becomes a bloody mess before I start again. *laughs*
I also started to print some stories of mine before correcting them. Makes the whole thing way easier and more structured than doing it in the document on my laptop. Just try it, maybe it's easier for you too? :)

Writing for whom, you also might ask yourself but that's not a thing you have to think about in my opinion.
You can write for some friends who are unhappy with the ending of a book/show/movie. You can write for a wider audience and share your things on pages like AO3, Goodreads or even on Tumblr or your blog. And then you don't have to write for anybody but for yourself. That's how I started and I still do it with some stories of mine. I just write them for myself. Because I enjoy to write, it's comforting, takes my mind of a stressful day and I can relax a bit. So feel free to write stuff and just re-read it yourself.

Now... I'm just thinking about this post and if I haven't missed anything important I wanted to say, but I think this is enough for now. As I said, there's no recipe for writing. I think except for some simple tips and tricks and a bit of structure or some planning, there's nothing you can or should do in my opinion. And most of all, writing is supposed to make you happy too. So don't ignore your feelings and try to be happy with the story and your writing and the fact that you're writing at all. :)

If you have any tips and tricks and want to share it, feel free do do so. I'm curious about how you guys do it. Also I hope this helped a bit and gave a short insight in my messy and private writing life.