Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is recognized as a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and romantic love in many regions around the world, although it is not a public holiday in any country.

Yup that's the official explanation from the English Wikipedia page....
Just let it sink in....
I think you know what I want to say, don't you?

Yes! The word commercial is in this sentence... And every year I ask myself: Why is everyone making such a fuss about this? Why can't you say the same on the 12th January or 25th June? Why only at this year?

People buy flowers and chocolate, go and have dinner and buy cards and stuff but why? I mean if you really truly love someone, you can buy them flowers on their Birthday or any other day of the year just to make them happy and tell them you love him/her, don't you? EVERY OTHER DAY OF THE YEAR! So please explain to me - if you celebrate Valentines Day - why this day? I truly don't get it... It is a mystery to me.

Yes I'm also not very fond of this day as you have guessed by now. I never really understood all this concept either... The relationship thingy... The "yeah I have a bf/gf"-feeling. Yes there where crushes and once a short thing but never a real relationship. The real feeling of love. Sometimes I just don't even know what this is supposed to be? How do you feel love? How do you know it is love?
Anyway... But that's not the point here.

As I wanted to say, why this day? Everything's more expensive, the restaurants are stuffed and overbooked... It's just too commercial these days in my opinion. The flower shops have to close and don't sell much during the year except on the 14th of February.
Plus sometimes I've the feeling that people, especially young people, are so desperate to have a Valentine. To make others see that their happy and taken or maybe there's a secret admirer who buy's them a rose with a small anonym note. We had those at school. Every year ppl would take orders to give roses to someone in another/your class. With or without note. When you then got a rose on V-Day others were in awe and interested who send you this. When you didn't got one.. Yeah you can imagine... Is this a good development in our society? In our human behavior to do this to people and make them believe otherwise? Why is it so important to be in a relationship? To celebrate this particular day?

I don't intended to make you feel bad about you celebrating this day, don't get me wrong but theses are just general things that bugger me every year.
If you celebrate it with your love, do it. It's good, but don't also forget to tell them you love them during the year and buy them a small present from time to time. Appreciate all their love and let them feel yours all the year.

So Happy Valentine's Day folks.