[review] Black Panther

Sooo.... Another Wednesday at the cinema with a friend. Hihi no I'm not addicted, just a normal fan who wanted to see this movie.

So pretty excited after all the hype on my Twitter TL I asked a friend to come with me and soon it was time for THE movie.

I loved the beginning! It brilliantly made and the story of Wakanda is just beautiful. I'm just not quite sure who tells the story to the child.
Is it T'Challa to his son or his father to him? I never get it... If you've an answer feel free to comment below. I wanna solve this mystery.
Anyway.... Yeah the beginning and the soundtrack gave me goosebumps. African influence, combined with modern beats when we have the songs by Kendrick Lamar & Co. - awesome. The flashback to 1992 was good too. Interesting and not giving away too much for the rest of the story so it was still a shock for me to find out who the boy was, playing basketball.
The timeline quite makes me a bit struggle. All this happend after "Civil War" so it must have been quite a shit time for T'Challa and his struggle while he's fighting is completely understandable, in my opinion.

"Don't freeze. - I never freeze..."
I love that we got so many strong female characters!!! Shuri, Okoye, Nakia... And their sass! *thumbs up*
I also loved to see Andy Serkis again! I adore him and he's such a brilliant actor.
The storyline was good. Vibranium was a big deal before. The first big scene, the fight at the waterfalls, was breathtaking. I mean just look at the effects and how they made it and what we got! (see here) It was great and I laughed so much when Shuri raised her hand and all where like "WTF you're fighting your brother???!!!" haha I adore her.

The scene where T'Challa talks to his father... I love it. Wise words and such a beautiful scenery.
The lab scene: Nothing more to say than I loved it.

"Now strike it again in the same spot.
- You're recording?
For research purposes.
[T'Challa hits it again and is on the ground while Shuri laughs]
- Delete that footage!"

Korea, the casino, Agent Ross returns... One of my favorite moments because Martin Freeman! :) And the car chasing scene afterwards... *screams* I was kinda sad when Eric, you know, shot HIM in the next scene.
The story and the flashback to 1992 finally got explained and I kinda liked Killmonger as villain. It was understandable why he did it and why he wanted to get the technology out of Wakanda. It made him stay human and a good villain and to be honest he is one of my favs of the MCU so far. 

I cried so much when T'Challa fell and everyone was hopeless. So we're coming to the end now... Big finale. The Jabari helping was very unexpected but a good change and I'm happy that the tribes found together again after so long. Badass Shuri was soooo good. Also Everett flying wooohhoooo! 
Anyway the big battle at the end was stunning and I loved it. 

What I'm still thinking, the garden of the Heart Shaped got burned. How do they go on? I mean this plant was important for them. A symbol but also a herb to create the Panther and made him what he is. So what happend then?

"Drop your weapon!
- Would you kill me my love?
For Wakanda? Without question!"

I don't want to spoil too much, although I'm sure nearly everyone has seen the movie after it took me this long to post this review but anyway...

I loved the movie and in my opinion one of the best ones by Marvel. Strong story, strong characters, understandable villain, great female characters, amazing soundtrack and cinematography including the effects... 💕 A "must-see" for every fan and lover of good cinema.

Wakanda Forever!