1st post!

Hello everybody!

I don't really know how to beginn... All you need to know is in my bio but well...

I'm a 25 year old girl from Germany. I'm working as a freight forwarder in a quite big European company and I really do love my job. I'm still in training but just until April, then we'll have our final tests. Anyway...

I love books, my car, archery, writing, taking pictures and all things "England". I'm addicted to this country and truly fell in love when I visited it once in 2009. I miss it and hope, I'll be back soon.

I'm pretty active on Twitter and I have found some amazing people there I can call friends. One also has a blog here, please follow her if you're interested. You can find her blog here.

The idea of a blog existed years ago and that was the reason I started a Tumblr blog. I kinda used it for fandom things and not too much for personal ones so I decided to start this one. I'm not very strict with posting stuff so feel free to kick my ass if I'm lazy. But I'm trying, I really do!

More things about me....

Well I may feel very confident when I write or am on Twitter, but trust me I'm not. I feel insecure and don't like how I look at all so you never ever will get pics from myself.

I studied two years (economic computer science) but I was so bad I failed various amounts of exams and kinda quit. I knew it was the wrong subject but I wanted to pull it through, although I always wanted to study History and German and become a teacher. Never did as you can see.
Uni and the time away (lived 450km away from my hometown/parents - quite an adventure you can see because I moved out with 18), weren't always easy. I struggled to find a job where I lived - after I left University - and had a bit of a break-down. I feel definitely better now and I know how hard it can be to go on and do your thing if everything seems to be going "the wrong road", but happily things turned out very well and I moved back near my parents where I work in a brilliant job now. Live hasn't always been very easy... It still isn't in some ways. But I'm not trying to give up.

I also want to live in England one day and get even better at my job. I sometimes search for flats in London/ England and imagine living there. Stupid I know, but it keeps me going for my dream.
And that's what mostly gets us through life, right? Dreams.

 Oh dear I'm rambling on... Sorry.
Yeah well point is, I started this blog, hope to keep it going and would love to also be active with you guys through comments/ Twitter etc.

So enjoy reading!