Simple Things

You know, it's not only the big things that count and make me happy these days. It's more like the simple things in life.

I always have been very calm but since I moved out, I got even calmer. I haven't been out to party for ages and I don't want to to be honest. Yes sometimes the feeling is there and I plan something but it never happens because then I think, why do it? I can't drink because I've to drive, it's expensive and loud and when you're out alone, guys are being rude and insistent so I'd rather stay home curled up with a good book or watching Netflix.

I love "big things" to happen tho, don't get me wrong but since I can't afford most of it anyway it's small stuff I buy/ do and I'm happy too. Also a tip of my old therapist. Yes I had one a few months after I quit Uni. It really did help to make me fell better. By the time it was hard to get out of bed and do anything at all because I felt like a complete failure for a while, but with him it got better again and I started to enjoy simple things. He had a unique way to help to be honest. He listened about my problems and thoughts about the future and showed me beauty to cheer me up.

Anyway... My point is, that you don't always need big presents, an expensive trip or all you want although the feeling is there. I'd love to get on a big holiday trip, buy expensive presents for myself and the people I love but as I said, since I can't it's enough what I have and that's more than some people do I think.
I've a beautiful flat for myself with an amazing view I wake up to every day. I've a good job with nice colleagues, good grades at school, wonderful friends (although they live away from my place) and that's something everyone should have and it's enough to be satisfied with life. 

So try to enjoy simple things and the things you have. It's good to dream for big stuff  - don't give that up - but also be happy with the stuff that's given to you. 💛