“The city takes a breath on Sunday. Of all that’s lost with the pursuit of what’s next, I hope we don’t lose that…” ― Hawksley WorkmanHawksley Burns for Isadora

Sonntag. Domenico. Dimanche. Domingo. Sunday...

Always loved those to be honest. It's like an official holiday. You don't have to work, no shops are open, you can go and have dinner tho and the world seems calm and a bit asleep.

Sunday is my day. The day I usually do nothing except the things I love. (Well except I've a huge and important test in school but that's a different story.)
Sometimes I'm at my parents and my mum and I cook together. But when I'm alone it's mostly lazy.

But there are some things I always do on a Sunday. Things that I enjoy and that got a bit of a ritual like making myself a nice cup of tea in the morning. Wandering from my bed to my comfortable sofa to enjoy my cuppa and read or write or watch a show/movie.
Sometimes I also enjoy a long hot shower or a nice bath in the evening. In winter mostly with lots of candles and a glas of wine.
I sometimes cook or bake. Today I decided I'll make some pasta with Gorgonzola sauce. *yummy*

But as I said it's mostly lazy and calm here...

What do you guys do on Sundays? Are you out or more at home?

Well whatever it is, enjoy your day off 💛