It's good to be back!

Hello guys!

It's been a while since my last post. Sadly my laptop died and I just got it back yesterday.
Edit: This was the beginning of the post when it died again!!! aaahhhh.... But now after a while it's back again and (for now) functioning.

Well how are things?
Good, definitely good...

Finished my oral exam on the 5th July and are working as a fully trained freight forwarder since the 6th. I've lots of work and it does not get less. But that's a good thing in some ways, right? We had a few calm days lately but I'm already bored. *giggles* I can't stand when I've nothing to do.
Won't have a big time off until October so I'm enjoying every weekend to the fullest or try to.

Was at the Sting & Shaggy concert on Friday 13.07. and it was absolutely brilliant!
There where so many wonderful classics from the both of them and some songs from their new album 44/876. If you wanna see a thread of pics and videos from this concert, click here.

Was out with friends and kinda enjoyed it although I'm was a bit sick lately, had a cold and I hate those.

I also went to the Ed Sheeran concert on the 29th July in Munich and it was magical. I enjoyed it very very very... much. :) Here's a thread of my thoughts and vids on my Twitter account.

I also was at the cinema last night with two friends to see "Mama Mia: Here We Go Again". A short review will follow soon.

Did some shopping the last two months and spend way more money than I should have but found lots of beautiful clothes for work and 2 nice handbags and stuff. :)

What else? Yeah... I completely am finished with sorting the mess in my flat out after the last months of constant study and work. I love it, my desk is just right to start writing again.

To the writing, since I lost all my data on my first Strike fanfiction, I'm trying to re-create the last 20 pages or so and it's very hard. I had a few good days so I got a lot done yet.
I started a new Strike fanfiction, a Mystrade fanfiction and also try to write on some old stories of mine. Quite a lot, I know but now I've time after work, no studying and stuff so I'll quite take advantage of it.
Oh by the way, if anyone is up to beta-read a small fanfiction I've finished, feel free to contact me.

It's very hot here since days, I really hope it's gonna rain soon and cool down. It's way too warm at work and in my flat  (30C). Although I like summer, I really do, but not this hot.

Well that's it for today, I'll have some quick dinner or at least some food.
Hope y'all are well and life is good. 💛