Hello guys,

I know it's been a while since I last posted here but I've simply been so busy.
And when I was not, I wrote a bit on one of my fanfiction to relax.

24./25. April. The crucial dates for my 3 final exams I have to write...
Our school/trainee-system here in Germany is quite complex so short version: working in the job is just not enough and we have had school during the last 3 years as well. To be fully trained, we've 3 tests in our main subjects (logistics/freight forwarding/marketing, politics/sociology and accounting/ controlling) 3 tests in 2 days and then 2 months later an oral exam. I've been studying very hard for this with a friend and took this week and next week off to study some more.

As wasn't as productive as I thought I'd be but I'm good in time. I'm studying with a colleague from school most of the time. We're nearly finished with all the stuff to rehearse and now we're often do old exams to test ourselves.
I'm getting nervous and tbh I had a really bad break down on WED evening but all in all it's going well and I think I can do this. I simply have to, or the last 3 years have been.. for nothing.

Anyway I just wanted to let you guys know and from now on I won't be much on Twitter either. So enough blathering and off to study.

See you after all this... :)