Life goes on...

Hello guys!

I'm sorry I was away for so long but I simply had lots to do and work is kinda stressful atm and then I had no inspiration/ motivation to write a blog post. I'm sorry.

Well, exams are done, I've my results and now I'm preparing for my oral exam in about a month.
As I said work is kinda stressful atm because of all the official holidays we had this month. I work half time in another department and half in my own. I sometimes feel like I have to clone myself to get all the work done. I hope it'll be better in the upcoming week but I doubt it. Probably have to work on TUE (another official holiday here) too... Alone. And I'm worried that there will be some crap I have no clue how to handle. But well we'll see about that very soon....

Everything else here is fine, it's getting summer and very warm some days. It's beautiful but I prefer the rain due to my hay fever. My back is killing me again and I'm just working on pain killers right now since I don't have time for some physiotherapy or anything else.
I still haven't started to do more sport... I can't get my arse up and it's annoying. So if you've any tips how I can get some motivation and start, feel free to write it to me.

I managed to sort some stuff in my flat. It's getting better every time I sort things out and clean up. I'm quite happy and have just a few more things to do until I'm quite satisfied. Well not completely satisfied because for that I'd have to renovate a big deal in here like paint the walls and stuff. But that's going to happen sooner or later but for now the small things are enough.

I'm writing a lot lately but it's not as good as I like the things to be. I'm currently trying to read more again and re-started with "How To Stop Time" and with "Death on the Nile".

Well... That's mostly it for now.
I'm trying to get my unfinished posts up asap and write more again.

Happy Sunday everyone!

love x